Nove is contact forms and analytics for photographers

Nove helps you get more out of the things you already do Nove helps you get better clients Nove helps you know if your business is healthy

simple system, powerful results

How Nove works

When a customer fills out your contact form, their info is saved to your database. Nove alerts you via email about the new inquiry, and your new customer's data is instantly visible the Nove app. No spreadsheets, no manual data entry.

effortless analytics

Nove logs the business activities you do on a daily basis: inquiries received, emails sent, events booked, and much more. Our analytics use that to build a complete picture of the health of your business, and reveals that in our beautiful analytics dashboard.

screenshot of nove analytics

Know your business better than ever

Is my business healthy?

Where should I focus my time and money?

To answer those questions with authority, you need data. Nove gives you a huge head start on capturing that data, and reveals beautifully simple analytics to compare where you are now to any point in the past.

The basic plan is free.

No trial period. Upgrade whenever. Export all of your data whenever.

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